Grease Nozzle Tip

The 6th generation Grease Gun Coupler. The oil spill problem terminator! The head is thickened to better grip the nozzle! Use hardened steel sheet and imported rubber seals.


  • Easily lock on to recessed grease fittings?and release with the thumb lever. No twisting and flights to get the coupler on and off recessed Zerks!?
  • Unique design. Lock-on . Stay on . No leaks! Four hardened spring steel jaws are resilient under high pressure- max 10000 psi.
  • Grease goes In . not On the machine.?No more wasted grease mess everywhere.
  • Easy release even on recessed fittings.?No more stuck coupler-twisting . yanking or using a screwdriver to get it off. No more broken nipples.
  • Fit all standard Grease Guns.?Simply replace the coupler. Hold high-pressure oil injection . easy and labor-saving . efficient and durable.

  • Four lock braids . lock the grease nozzle easily.


  • Materials: Steels . hardened rubber.
  • Dimension: 105mm height*9mm length


  • 1* Grease Nozzle Tip