Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches Stickers


Get Out From My Home!! Mosquito

Mosquito bites on your kids are not as easy as they look. It can also lead to a variety of diseases ... Prevent the evil mosquitoes with?Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches Stickers.


  • Made from?natural?citronella essential oil .?non-toxic?and absolutely safe for you and children to use
  • Cute smiling?face design . add some fun to make you relaxed
  • Easy to apply . just stick a smile face sticker to drive annoying insect away when go outside
  • Per mosquito stickers will stay for 72 hours and you can use it?anytime . anywhere?to protect the families
  • A nice helper when hiking . fishing . playing sports . camping . traveling and so on


  • Active ingredient: lemongrass . lavender . lemon oil
  • Amount: 20 packs / 30 packs / 40 packs?/ 100 packs (6 packs per pack)


  • 1 set mosquito repellent plaster - Random color style

Note: It can be attached to clothing . furniture . etc. But can NOT be attached directly to the skin.