Simple Multifunctional Door Stopper


?The best doorstop you need?

Stop the Door from Moving like a Magic!

If you want to keep a door open or prevent it from hitting the wall . then this no-frills?Innovative?Door Stopper?is exactly what you need! It holds your door in?the most simple and functional way!

This?prevents slamming doors?and?doorknob impacts. Unlike traditional heavy door stoppers . it just?requires a light touch?without squatting for keeping it in place. This door stopper is also very stylish and suitable for any floor surface.


    • Simple but magical:?hold your door open properly to prevent slamming doors and doorknob impacts
    • 0?accident: there are always accidents when you squat to keep the traditional one in place or it cannot hold your door properly . but 0 accident is guaranteed by this stopper
    • Easy to?remove: leave 0 residues when you would like to stop using the stopper for your door
    • For various surfaces: work well on parquet . laminate . cork . marble . tile and vinyl
    • Apply friction and you don't have to keep holding your door to pass on it
    • Easily installed in seconds with no need for drilling
    • To use . start with a clean and dry surface . remove the protective sheet and stick it on the floor at your desired spot
    • Ideal for home . office or school

    Package Includes:

    • 1 or 2 x Innovative Door Stopper